Get a match with a job based on who you are and what you want
Where do you fit in best?

Let us match your skills and personality with the best role and workplace culture for you. Then you’ll know if the company and the job is right for you and you will also be given the same chance as everyone else. Regardless of your looks, age or other unimportant stuff.

How it works


Tell us who you are

We’ll match you with a job you will truly enjoy. That’s why we are doing personality tests. What’s your personality like? What are your driving forces and what type of workplace do you prefer? Each employer on Fair Recruiting is giving us similar information which we’ll then match you against.

See how well you fit in

Your profile information is used continuously. So before you apply for the next job, you can see how well someone with a personality like yours would fit in. The employer will see the same matching once you’ve applied.


Get full control

After your application is submitted can you edit or remove your information. You can also see if the recruiter has processed your application.

Job subscription

By filling in your job profile, Fair Recruiting can regularly send you job tips on jobs where you have a good match.


The science

Psychometric tests

To be able to match individuals with employers with high precision, Fair Recruiting uses modern psychometric tests. With the tests we can measure the individual's motivation, attitude, personality and culture and partly the employer's values and organizational culture. With these measuring points we can create profiles for the individual and the organization. With our algorithms, both profiles are matched and employable candidates are recommended.

Validated success profiles

To constantly improve our matching methods, we continuously validate all our requirements profiles. Validation is done using the data we collect through the use of Fair Recruiting. This means that everyone who recruits with Fair Recruiting together helps to increase the precision of the match. The more Fair Recruiting is used, the better it will be.

Can you trust a test?

Psychometry is a complex science and many have tried but been unsuccessful in creating good, reliable tests. There are organizations that review and assess tests. In Sweden, the former STP, the Foundation for Applied Psychology, has had that role, but now Det Norske Veritas (DNV-GL) is examining tests in Sweden. In order for a test to be certified, it requires high levels of validity and reliability. Fair Recruiting always uses tests that you can trust.


  • Psychometry: a method for evaluating tests designed to measure a person's psyche/personality.

  • Validity: can generally be said to really measure what you want to measure. In work psychometric testing, it is crucial that a test result has a high correlation with reality. In psychometric testing, results are calculated from 0 to 1 and where a value of more than 0.5 is considered high.

  • Reliability: expresses the accuracy of the measurement. For example, the result should be the same for repeated measurements and regardless of who is performing the test. Since personality is relatively stable in adults, a good personality test should give almost identical results today over a longer period of time.