Syncro Group

Syncro Group AB is a listed company with an aggressive strategy set to own, manage and refine SaaS companies in the new market economy. 

The portfolio includes companies with SaaS platforms developed with the market's most modern technologies, each of which is self-sufficient and cross-fertilizes other companies in the portfolio. 

We are expanding rapidly and have a carefully curated team of people who are passionate about innovation and game-changing SaaS platforms. These platforms have the power to revolutionise the way people can choose to work.

We encourage, and develop, synergies between our companies as well as our teams. So you’ll have the opportunity to engage with a variety of people and fields such as influencer marketing or the gig economy.

Syncro Group is an equal opportunity employer and is devoted to ensuring that the Syncro environment is warm and inclusive to all of our candidates and employees.

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