Slakthuset + Tak

This Nightclub is a former Slaughterhouse, Slakthuset in Stockholm,  turned nightclub. The industrial feeling remains and creates a unique atmosphere with several dance floors and clubs playing everything from house and techno to hip hop and rnb. In the summertime, their 600 square meter terrace serves as watering hole for the club kids and hipsters of Stockholm. Keyflow Magazine caught up with operations manager Makwan Goran to find out more about the one of a kind nightclub. - Describe what makes Slakthuset such a special place. - Well the venue is really unique since it used to be a slaugtherhouse and is located in the Meatpacking District (Slakthusområdet) of Stockholm. Inside we have 3 different rooms with a total capacity of 1000 guests. During the summer we also have our huge terrace that holds another 1000 guests. We play different kinds of music and we have foreign acts and dj’s flying in every weekend.

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